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there's a heavy weight lobbying campaign under way to push comprehensive immigration reform. it's week applied by the chamber of commerce is forward.u.s. among others. it's a group founded by facebook's mark zuker berg. >> house democrats introduced their reform. we'll talk with congressman jeff denham, the first republican to join with democrats as a bill respond sore. >> president obama spoke to a room full of advocates at the white house on thursday in hopes of bringing the senate's im grayings bill back into the -- immigration bill back into the spot light. >> it doesn't make sense to have 11 million people in this country illegally an incentive to come out of the shadows, get right with the law, meet their responsibilities and permit ahead. >> the border security you economic opportunity and immigration modernisation act passed in the senate in june 27th. it's in the hands of the house. it features border security, doubling border patrol with a boost in funding and mandatory use of force training. a pathway to citizenship, establishing a 13-year pathway to citizen ship and include
by welcoming talented folks from aboard so reforming the immigration system i hope i'll get a chance to be part of it. and we're looking forward to putting together a team and rolling out the historic reform of that system >> thank you for this conversation. >> thank you to our san francisco chamber of commerce and business forward and sf city for co- hosting this town hall. i'm eager to hear from the other companies about their stories of immigration. tell us your own stories. we're to start with you the ceo of illuminate. >> so my story is not any more special then the stories of what you've heard. you group in india. i gave a shout out and my family really believes in education and the empowerment through education. there is a certain resistlessness and get out of your comfort zone and explore other things. that's how i got here. the path is not easy it's taken 12 years to get a green card. it limits ones opportunity. first, it will take a long time before the h1 process will allow you to move before jobs and you can't start a business. it took me 9 months to start a bu
administration on the action on immigration founded here just a few blocks away. that what matters is we have a mare that understands the issues a nearest and dear it to us and that's immigration reform. since it's inception we've gotten over 20 visas alone and the feeling is we have a shortage on green talent when we need to go through the steps we need to go through and for the tech community we're focused on opening up our technical school to the global community. we're in a talent war along with a state war on services gov. and anything we can help to create change here means so much to us. we have the mayor who can creative impact so we stand behind mayor ed lee and we're thrilled he's here. i'm so excited to here what he is has to say. thank you (clapping) >> julia and kevin a thank you for being subpoena great community leaders were we're going to have a robust town meeting this is being live for my radio program. we like to let people know in advance. i'm going to ask a few questions then we're going to open it up to you for the awe loltd time we have. so with that we're going to sta
everybody that 1, 2, and 3 to support the immigration reform. we're going to have access or the chances of services like voices 1, 2, and 3 is going to be much lower. i want to see the business owners follow suit. by the way, my wife and daughter are here and my daughter has the march t-shirt >> thank you for the practical steps and again, we have folks that are tweeting or posting there's so many ways to engage and it's easy and effective. it also means meeting people. we'll be taking another small group of ceos from small business by also start ups. in washington d.c. they only hate you when your successful. then we're going to open it up to the audience. as - >> we work with people all over the united states. we have an intelligent to do that we're suppliers there and we get to them and explain the how and why and what to do. and that's another way to leverage our networks and our stories to be able to do that. and march for innovation that's a great thing it's allblast about how easy it is to do those things. i take every opportunity to be out there talking to people because numbe
for comprehensive immigration reform. in full disclosure, my mother immigrated here in 26 from mexico city. i have some very strong opinions about immigration. much of what i would love to talk to you about over coffee. but what we are saying that we as an education system we can't do our job that they have to go outside of the work force and i reject that and we need to reject that. and that's where we take on stem as a whole. so what is stem charge? now, this is a statement that is common within sfusd, it's a very powerful statement of overcoming the predictive nature of demographics. the person i used to work with in a former job is the president and director of the museum of science. his name is mullist. he used to be the dean of engineering school at rutgers. he said students that go ahead a degree in engineering also has a family in engineering. that's not surprising. engineering is one of the least understood terms or professions by young people s an engineer a person who drives the train. is an engineer when your toilet breaks in a hotel and you call down and they say they are going to se
are immigrants who immigrated from /skapbd knave ya in the 1920s and they immigrated to the chicago in a culture of prohibition. a culture of prohibition affected my family very profoundly. there were no jobs kinda like right now. the banks were out of control, we had a prohibition culture. it destroys communities. i had to, like, immediately -- well, it was a long process of realizing that i'm in this culture of prohibition and and i'm not letting it take me down. cannabis is getting better press than ever now and it's getting better press than prescription drugs lately because it's on the right side of history. the booze of prohibition was on the wrong sides of history and we need to leave that behind. i am against this legislation in all due respect. i respect the author of the legislation very much and i agree with him very often, but this time i don't. thank you very much for listening and for your time. bye bye. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> i'm zach with the cannabis club network. 90 percent of the city is [inaudible] and i don't think we need to impose more restrictions on the
immigration reform. i'm talking about distractions. talking about equal rights for gays and lesbians in the workplace. it was also immigration and there was an economic speech in there. is it distraction, david, so we're not talking about obama care? >> it's absolutely distraction. this president takes accountability for nothing. he goes to boston, tries to distract. since the shutdown, which, by the way, politically inconsequenti inconsequential. since that's happened, he's pivoted on immigration, comes back to the economy, makes speeches, doesn't govern and lead. why doesn't he go to the "washington post" or even here to fox news. we realize this is an inconsequential play. he's trying to distract from what's going on. >> can he get anything else done? and wouldn't the first thing you be talking about instead of immigration, potentially, would be jobs? if you weren't going to talk about obama care. >> if you look at the chamber of commerce and other businesses, they think immigration reform would create a tremendous amount of jobs. talk to the tens of millions of people. talk to th
on their website, wow, if other companies are interested. >>> illegal immigrants can start the process of getting a driver's license. the first step is to schedule an appointment. it gives illegal immigrants the same rights on the red as a licensed holder. it is not accepted for federal purposes. >>> a good education or someone to watch when he's a baby. these are choices that some parents have to make as the price of child care goes up. some parts of the country it's more expensive than tuition at state colleges according to a report. massachusetts had the highest cost, as much as $16,500 a year. >> porm blackberry planning to share. the company said the ceo is stepping down. the struggling company recently appealed in an open letter to its customers to stay loyal. we have good news for you drivers. gas prices are down for the fourth consecutive day. reports for a gallon of regular gas is now at three -- $3.25. we're higher at $3.27. >>> a new tool claims to read and interpret every student's attentiveness in the classroom using facial recognition. it's called engaged sense. the camera tracks ey
decades. it was off the road enjoying the european union in two thousand and four that immigration reading shots up up to two thousand and seven when recession hit western europe instead potent some time back. that now the number of immigrants is rising again. at the cafe but she knew that if the states in the midst of teaching him that his ten children he said so and so many parents moved abroad to work to earn money ben has been lucky or not sound that saved me a chance to see me on the one hand it's good that people bring many here from abroad and tested here. which means there's some activity. yet when she says it's thanks to them that we have courts here the other hand it's just sad that in people and meeting with their whole families construction is one sector intended to state that has benefited from immigration has also shown me that this house was built was money earned abroad. i mean i've bought the land and we built the house or so. it's the truth. this was brutal divides his time equally between potent and fell to the quilt one of the film immigration is a very good it allows p
, including the need for better immigration policies to help the industry, relying on immigrant workers for farm work. >> according to the labor department, the u.s. had 1.4 million crop workers between 2006 and 2009. 26% were migrant workers. >> we have farmers going out of business because they can't get the labour. >> for viewers that say we have upward of 10 million people can't they be the workers. >> that's the easiest method to defunct. you go out and advertise. you may have three americans showing up. >> why is that, men's don't like the hard work? >> go into the water melon fields, can'ta lop - you and i wouldn't last. the heat and the work and the physical labour is unbelievable. our foundation did a study and fund anyone in arizona can earn as much money from the state and federal government being field. >> buffet worries about americans who seem to be roots. in rural towns. he uses tower hill, 12 minutes from his farm. >> those people have no way to get agz to what we call the basics foods, including fruit and vegetables. can they get to a quick shop. because they are in the
(clapping) working on projects if a that immigrant workers she's traveled to go africa thank you so much for your contributions (clapping) >> yeah. >> so once again, we want to thank all our letters throughout their lives and people hope they continue to be the leader for california and the rest of the nation. >> (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >> so we would like to thank supervisor avalos and all the participants. please feel free to take a seat. we're going to go ahead and conclude the reception is following but wild to emphasize we appreciate here in the city and county of san francisco all the latinos that are out there working day in and out. i want to honor the folks who have clean up the places that workday in and out to sustain the city silently at times but we have roots here in this state. we fray many, many generations and keep building strong community and encourage our young people to get their potential and to definitely definitely pass the word we must not ends our lives with violence with education and prospering in our economies in this state >> check her out y
? guest: we will continue to focus on the impacts of sequester and immigration reform being an important element of economic growth for the future. we are focusing on housing issues going forward and we have a major effort under way in governance and democracy. so a lot going on and very active organization for a young new organization. host: see all that work at ipartisanpolicy.organize [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> the senate debated a ban on the lgbt community in employment. we will talk to the policy director at the gay rights group and hear from the chairman of the latino coalition on immigration legislation in congress and a conversation on the role of third parties in american politics with a political science professor. watch "washington journal" at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. and today johnson and johnson greed to pay $2 billion to resolve that they approved psychiatric drugs. ey are accused of paying kickbacks to pharmacists and doctors. attorney general holder announced the decision today at the
laborers and their allies gathered sunday to call for immigration reform and to highlight the role of immigrant workers in the recovery effort after superstorm sandy, just over one year ago. the workers rallied in foley square to call for relief from deportation for workers who helped rebuild the city. a report shows 74% of construction workers who die on the job are latinos, even though census figures show latinos account for just 41% of such workers. pablo alvarado of the national day laborer organizing network said safety for relief workers is a key demand. ,> after a natural disaster workers need to be protected. fema comes in and they bring relief to homeowners and a lot of people who are affected, but people who go in, the first responders, people who go in and take out the contaminated waters, they don't even receive a glove. that needs to change. >> this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the obama administration is rejecting calls to grant clemency to nsa leaker edward snowden just days after snowden asked for international help
immigration reform done. immigration reform will reduce the deficit by nearly $850 billion over the first 20 years and it will grow the economy by $1.4 trillion over 20 years, which adds 5.4% to the gdp by 2033. it has broad bipartisan support from democrats and republicans, labor leaders, law enforcement, and faith leaders. the president is willing to work with the blonde both sides of the aisle to get things done. it is good for business. it is good for our economy as a whole am i and it is the right thing to do. we believe it is time for the house to follow the senate and take action. secondly, as you are already as early as this evening a-15,enate may vote on s which would place into law a comprehensive and lasting protections against employment discrimination based on sexual or gender identity. you may have seen the op-ed in the huffington post calling upon the president can sign it into law. we encourage lawmakers to act on this important legislation. because in america, who you are and who you love should never be a fireable offense. a qualified worker should not fear being fired from
not bring up my prayers. i deliberately avoid partisan issues. i've never talked about immigration reform, i've never talked about same sex marriage or pro choice or pro life or nything like that. i would not be addressing partisan issues. so i pray as we said earlier out of the overflow of my devotional life and pass torl outreach. not to bring issues to the floor in my intersession. >> what is your favorite part about being chaplain? about vorite part be being the chaplain is that it provides me with a front row seat to human history. there is more written about the legislative branch of government in our constitution than any other branch. and i have the prive lincoln of having a front--- privilege of having a front-row seat to the legislative process. i think that most people are not so much afraid of dying as they are of never having truly lived. s a front row ha seat to human history can shuffle off this mortal coil absolutely certain that he or she has truly lived. >> the chair lays before the senate a certificate of election to fill the vacancy created by the death of senator frank
-- a lot of our patients are actually immigrants who have a lot of competing priorities, family issues, child care issues, maybe not being able to find work or finding work and not being insured and health care sometimes isn't the top priority for them. we need to understand that so that we can help them take care of themselves physically and emotionally to deal with all these other things. they also have to be working through with people living longer and living with more chronic conditions i think we're going to see more patients coming through. >> starting next year, every day 10,000 people will hit the age of 60 until 2020. . >> the needs of the patients that we see at kerr senior center often have to do with the consequences of long standing substance abuse and mental illness, linked to their chronic diseases. heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, stroke, those kinds of chronic illnesses. when you get them in your 30's and 40's and you have them into your aging process, you are not going to have a comfortable old age. you are also seeing in terms of epidemics, an increase
breaking a parisian code, wasn't it? instead of pretending these immigrants were not there, you're actually inspired by their colors, their hair, their clothes, and you turn them into your collection. >> definitely. i was very inspired by different people always. maybe -- with me, i felt a little different. a project at school. for example, not doing football. i was more touched by people that are a little different or could be rejected. they inspire me also because i do not know it was another world. for inspiration, for example, because close very clearly, very early became my attraction -- clothes became nmy attraction, a subsection. as more attractive to addressing people than addressing myself. it was not my objective desire, my own person. so i think that if i looked, the market inspire me. people different in it the streets or inspiring me. not what was fashion. maybe i was a finding something to were very inspiring. laurant. i like the ones that are different and have their own style. i like the ones that are different. they have style. i love them. so everyone that was different, i
comprehensive immigration reform. it's week applied by the chamber of commerce is forward.u.s. among others. it's a group founded by facebook's mark
discussed the state of the global economy and called on congress to pass an immigration bill, reform the tax code, and replace across-the-board spending cuts note a sequestration. this portion of the conference is 15 minutes. >> thank you for that very kind introduction. it is great to be with you this morning. i want to thank the commerce department for hosting the first select usa summit i'm here with a very simple message. we do not take investment in the united states progress ted -- for granted. it is important for our prosperity. in our increasingly global economy, the united states cannot settle for the status quo. that's why president obama made fueling america's competitiveness the cornerstone of his economic policies. our economy is the largest in the world and looking to the future, we need to make it stronger by improving worker training and education, upgrading our infrastructure, and growing our manufacturing base. the truth is, there are additional things we can add and do to make america even stronger as a magnet for investment. before talking about what make ours economy suc
to pass the immigration bill, reform the tax code, and replace across-the-board spending cuts none of sequestration. introduced by commerce secretary this is a half-hour. >> the first-ever select u.s.a. senate meeting. as you may have heard, we are sold out with 1200 attendees. business leaders from 58 countries and across the united states are here today. a warm welcome to all of you from all of us in the obama administration. let me be clear -- [applause] let me be clear, this summit is about you. it is all about business. it is all about connecting investors with communities. let me start with the story. when the select usa program was just starting out, an austrian company that makes auto parts was considering investing more in the united states. we went into action. the commerce department's vienna staff counsel the company on how to successfully established a new plan in the united states. the u.s. ambassador in austria met with the company's leaders. we connected a company with the state-level leaders that they wanted to me to. as a result, over the past year, the company ha
the immigration and border security subcommittee. congressman, great to have you with us. let's start with, if we may, obama care. this president lied. his administration lied. and persisted over a period of more than three years in maintaining the fiction that people could keep their insurance plans if they chose. your reaction? >> well, i hate it for my fellow citizens, but there were lots of voices warning that what he was saying was just not going to be a true or a lie or mendacious or whatever synonym you want to use. and that's not the only mischaracterization. your premiums are going to be higher, and your coverage is going to be worse. you would think at a certain point, politics aside, that people would get tired to by being lied to by people in positions of power whether that's the president, the head of the nas, the attorney general, but we had an election a couple years ago, and the calls in part, he perpetrated this myth, he was re-elected. >> and speaking of myths being perpetrated and this administration responding in peculiar ways, marilyn tavvenner, the centers for medicaid and m
signals on immigration reform. when you talk to your colleagues on the other side of the aisle, do you get the sense that they personally believe something like this is a good idea but are afraid to act, or that there is an entrenched disbelief in doing this kind of civil rights action? >> the country is moving. and so are my colleagues toward this kind of belief that discrimination has no place in american society based on sexual orientati orientation, that anybody discriminating against any member of the lgbt community is acting wrongly morally, and ought to be banned from doing it legally. and i have been involved in this kind of enforcement action as a state attorney general, clearly there are measures that express the moral conscience of the nation. i think that's what's reflected in my colleagues, being more willing, on both sides of the aisle, to revisit and reconsider and move in this direction. >> all right. senator richard blumenthal, we will be watching for that vote and thank you for being here. >> thank you. >>> still ahead, the latest on friday's shooting at l.a.x. more guns.
're blocking action on immigration reform, so they're doing nothing to appeal to latinos. they've really -- cuccinelli continues to insist that this is a referendum on obama care and rollout problems aside and we know we've seen those, we know that women love obama care. so not just abortion, not just all this rhetoric and action if he got elected on abortion is problematic for women, but obama care as well. obama care has really helped women by making sure that women are no longer paying more than men for the simple fact of bringing the next generation into the world. and republicans hate this. but women love it. so they've really -- they spent a year in the wilderness and they're not getting out any time soon. >> you know, cynthia, in line with that, the house speaker john boehner today said he's opposing the non-discrimination act. his spokesperson issued this statement, quote, the speaker believes this legislation will increase frivolous litigation and cost american jobs. >> it's stunning, reverend al. it is absolutely stunning to see the republican party running away. this is a part
countries now also from the eastern one tenth the whole region is full of immigrants of the night owl or police or a teasing gadget and it is wrong. t t then about two days of leave all also you must be. sold this world the eu has pledged to give an additional thirty million euros for italy to build more shelters for the refugees but it's unlikely this will help create new jobs will ease the flow of remembrance altogether. people just off rt. senior in his venture capital with just a tee to green but before we get some of the week's images from the mint the flames record breaking journey across russia over the snow hundred days before the winter games in sochi. the end of the play was continuing its ambitious relay. it's already been to the north pole added just a few days. most of the international space station. torches policy through the towns and cities of the world's biggest country. the tory russia's north. he gets melty telkom is a full selection of videos and pictures from the admin big things the un. cz the allstate morning i think i frightened jersey. and when i became a co
every time there was a war we would get a wave of immigrants different cultures different ways to look at the illnesses. i saw the parasites in three cases of leprosy very fascinating place to practice but it got me to think about different ways people say of disease. i was more impressed by modern medicine and. but also i was more impressed what it left out naturally anything that was not logical the and i looked at homeopathy in chinese medicine and. both of what i found fascinating 30 chinese source sanskrit that i could understand the systems from the inside. but finally i realize even if i did learn chinese i would still not be able to understand. it was too different from my own culture. at this restaurant -- discouraging moment iran into another book that intrigued me. hildegarde was 12th century also an a stick and a composer and theologian and had written a book about her. that was not the eye of newt toe of frog medicine that i expected but it was real medicine for real patients but based on a completely different model of the body from power mechanical model. i did not under
into hayward. mostly immigrants but they may not be able to stay long. >> it's like a place holder until these properties get, their value goes up enough then they will be replaced. >> reporter: isabel nava knows the story firsthand. she grew up in hayward and is moving. hayward not only has b.a.r.t. but housing that's less expensive than across the bay. >> if i could have afforded a nice house in the triangle or outer mission or something i would have. but we reluck -- reluctant. we are where we are. >> yeah, we love oakland. >> reporter: those new more affluent residents are also bringing new business. >> i've been here since january and i know i've seen at least about five to 10 new businesses pop up in the downtown area. >> there are some very good prospects in the long run for not only being in the east bay but the east bay is going to be a very different place. >> reporter: professor bowser says the those who live in the east bay can do something to stay, improve their education and skills to compete. >>> a man pointed a gun at an employee and demanded money. he is described as a
that is not addressed in the government is undocumented immigrants. they don't have access to care and we take care of them for free and had a high level. you come to emergency room you are getting the most expensive care in our system. i wish doctors in the trenches like us were part of creating the legislation and i don't think that happened. >> doctor boon. >> they should have talked to doctors in congress and congressman tom price is my congressman and i am a fan of him and empowering patients first act had a lot of solutions. if i would say one thing i want. selling insurance cross state leans and open up all of the lines and get less costly insurance and they can compete. right now it is selling insurance in georgia and south carolina and everybody is competing and prices are getting better. >> let me ask you. yes or no. in five years, will obama care have made health care better or worse. >> i honestly don't know. i would say no change. >> doctor, dr. boon is the only one that read the bill. and based on what i know it will make it worse. one thing i want to preserve. i love my patients and
for the cyprus dispute forced to the ethnic greeks to immigrate. today the turkish state has adopted a more tolerant stance toward its minorities. proofreading properties being returned in the right to schooling or minority languages has been striking. anchor is aiming to improve its image and easy the committee means but for fun and our prime minister is solving these issues i can truly great statesman it. we want more. former greek residents to return in time for me. they should be able to do business here again in the fuel flow. reese is suffering from a serious economic crisis. they can make a fresh start here it was all live together peacefully. i even get a lot not everyone here in the greek village of i a two door is convinced that times are changing. despite the reopen school. older residents still recall the bad times. the new trees giacomo says he's glad he spent the past thirty years in greece and germany. it did after the military coup in the nineteen eighties. this is a restricted area you could only enter the island with a passport. people here were cut off from the outside wo
of a russian by an immigrant. the figures have warned their fellow countrymen to take a special care and close down their cafes and restaurant in case they're attacked. al jazeera, moscow. >> in a moment i'm going to have more on the news hour. we'll have the latest on the manhunt in the u.k. of a suspect who disguised himself in a burka to escape police. >> the kenyan court has charged four men with supporting the government who carried out the westgate shopping mall siege. more than 60 people were killed in the attack. the suspects are somali nationals. they're accused of being in kenya illegally and giving support and shelter to a terrorist group. the group were represented bay lawyer and pleaded not guilty. >>> now the reason for the partial shutdown was largely due to fighting within congress. a faction of republicans in the hard line tea party movement has pushed the confrontation. now, in a first test of the anti-tee party push president obama is going to the polls. >> as the sun sets on the water that defines mobile, alabama, they get to work trying to win the soul of the republican pa
and sparked violence across moscow and cleaned down on illegal immigrants. x so be sure nancy cox to the head of the eu delegation to washington which fail to get any satisfactory answers to spy new additions. i do. i am i am. remember way back when we first talked about the first battle notable guns that could be printed out three d printer at home while technology moves pretty quickly because british police have already passed and legal armoury to pretty up firearm parts of special three d printers. this technology may make gun control literally impossible in the same way that pinning and burning books has become future. in the past they used to be able to just burn books or forbid them from being printed in the age of the year that all he does a scanner and internet connection the information that's out of the book cannot be destroyed because it is out there on the magical ether of the area. so basically the near future any person with even half a brain cancer patients can start making guns in their basement which means that gun control laws will basically become pointless because the inev
immigrant women english is terrorist activities then i guess so. i don't know, i don't think there is any reason to believe that an organization with good people, trying to do good work would be engaged in any type of activity. >> so this one of the secret documents that was leaked to the associated press. and what it does is it talks about multiple mosques and organizations and people that we know so that are mentioned in here and when i saw first saw it, so it says, it's looking at confidential informant profiles and looking for the right people to infiltrate particular centers or organizations. here we're number two. >> whoa, there you are huh. >> and that's what's so hurtful about this nypd spying program is that our own community mistrust each other. mistrusting law enforcement is one thing, we'll get over that one day, but the fact that we, our fabric of our community is broken is what really hurts me the most that people can't trust each other. you come this country because it's america, because it's about liberty and justice and freedom and our community doesn't believe that that
in the emergency room, and one thing that is not addressed is undocumented immigrants. we take care of them for free at a very high acuity level. when you come to the emergency room you're getting the most expensive care in our system. we have to do something about that. i wish doctors in the trenches were part of creating this legislation and i really don't think that happens. >> i don't think it did either. dr. boone, what would you do? >> they should have taught it to the doctors in congress. and my congressman, i'm a very big fan of him, but his empowering patient birth act had a lot of volition. and i would say i want to sell insurance across state lines. they can compete. right now it's selling insurance in georgia, south carolina, if everybody is competing i think the prices get better. >> let me ask each of you because our time is about done. in five years will obama care have made health care in this country better or worse? >> i don't know, i would say no change. >> dr. boone is the only one that i have met that has red the bill, but based on what i know, i think it will make it w
and now indian self-determination. the problem is that the normal mode for incorporating immigrants into the nation simply doesn't work in the case of indigenous peoples because we already inhabit the nation. this declaration shows us how to do it, to bring native people into the body politic with their human rights impact and it basically reaffirms our self-determination policy. fourth, there's some very compelling environmental problems, reasons for implementing the declaration because i think it is going to carry a very healthy by-product here in the environmental rahm because there is a competency between recognizing and protecting indigenous cultures, indigenous habitat, indigenous ways of life and subsistence with developing a land ethic and our nation sorely needs this in order to address this and growing environmental crisis and make no mistake, we have an environmental problem worldwide. it's seen in the mass extinction of animals and plants, the pollution, exploitation, climate change leading to a concern among scientists about the failure now of the global life systems an
. an investigation that has a national security agent on it results in an immigration charge or a the poor patient proceeding or a deportation proceeding. somebody gets into their head the idea that you are doing something wrong. that can create a problem. government is made up of people who are fallible. individuals can abuse the power that has been given to them. that includes world actors. -- rogue actors. edward snowden did not do what the government expected. in los angeles there was the public disorder and intelligence division that compiled information and used it for political purposes. information that is collected for law enforcement and security purposes is often used on political groups. >> if i could provide some perspective. the fbi operates through mandates that are codified in statute laws written by our congress and signed by the president into law. that process has produced, appropriately and necessarily, oversight, not just in the executive branch of government itself. the department of justice is obviously in the fbi as well. but also with the congress and through the court sys
that immigrants versus second generation african dissent are also, gender, highly represented in elite institutions, and we also know that the upper middle class and middle class black student are taking advantages of affirmative action laws and policy. so given all of these sordid intricacies, what are your thoughts in reference to thinking about affirmative action from those perspectives? >> first of all, everything you say is absolutely true. on my campus i see it definitely very vivid. a couple things. number one, it is a mistake for people to think that affirmative action is going to be some sort of panacea. it's a relatively modest intervention that, i mean, i think it's important that it is by no means revolutionary, for goodness sake. and, frankly, what i'm talking, we're talking about affirmative action in higher education. we are talking about the desegregation of elitism. that's what we are really talking about. the elite sector. is racial affirmative action going to be something that's going to substantially affect poor racial minorities? answer, no. it's not. because, in f
immigrants to vote and offer same-day registration. >> as many as three people are in custody after tense moments at central connecticut state university. students reported seeing a man wearing a mask and camouflage pants with a gun walking around campus. school officials did call for a lockdown and told students to stay away from doors and windows. that lockdown has been lifted, but classes have been canceled for the day. >> police are looking for suspects in a deadly stabbing at gas station. it happened near central avenue in capital heights last night. investigators first there was a fight and that have, the two victims got into a car and drove to meadow way. that's where the first victim died. a second man who was stabbed should be okay. so far, police have no motive in this case. >>> is being taken offline daily between 1 and a 5 in the morning for repairs. rush to get the website working better. a congressional committee released administration meeting notes explaning the paper applications end up in the same place for processing. danielle nottingham reports from th
a lot of conservatives with votes on immigration reform. this is your way to get back in their good graces. >> i've been a pro-life member of congress since day one. i was the author of a bill making it a crime attacking a woman and if she st. st. -- if she loses her baby you can be charged with two crimes, not one. this is a debate worthy of a democracy. what is the proper role of the government in protecting that child. >> senator graham, thank you. thank you for coming in today. always a pleasure to talk to you. >>> next up how serious are the problems with obamacare? our sunday panel assesses where we are one month into the troubled rollout. as a business owner, i'm constantly putting out fires. so i deserve a small business credit card with amazing rewards. with the spark cascard from capital one, i get 2% cash back on ery purchase, every day. i break my back around here. finally soone's recognizing me with unlimited rewards! meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every d
the subject. now what he's going to do is he's going to emphasize the economy and immigration, maybe throw in minimum wage. but right now the last thing he wants to do is drive people to the affordable care act website because it's screwed up. >> again. saturday it was down. we're not sure how many mornings. >> it's down four hours a day now. >> for repairs intentionally which no one can get on. they need 7 million people by the march deadline to start funding it. but mitt romney, he actually had a lot to say about what the president could have done, meaning looking at massachusetts, seeing what the plan of massachusetts did. he noted that the president could have seen that people would actually be kicked off their insurance policies, that there was a lot to learn from the states having control including the biggest lesson of all, he said the president should learn to be honest. take a listen. >> obamacare barely made it through washington, as you know. there is no question in my mind that had the president been truthful and told the american people that millions would lose their insurance
have come out of the senate, things like immigration. what's very interesting tamron. back in 2007, this passed the house with 35 republican votes. republican charlie dent of pennsylvania, a moderate said he wished if -- go forward on house floor because it would get republican votes, maybe not enough to pass but an issue where you're saying, 2012 the rnc said this making ourselves more viable to young americans. they are going to throw a wet blanket on it. >> if the house proves to be a roadblock again, what has the house said regarding an executive order? >> reporter: regarding executive order, that will be interesting to see. i haven't covered the white house aspect with that so much, more involved with congress. you would hear an outcry from the house speaker john boehner as well of a lot of republicans sub seeding his authority there. >> jay carney was asked the question whether the president would consider an executive order barring lgbt workplace discrimination if the legislation was unable to be secured in the house and senate. apparently he did not directly answer that que
fake kenyan identification. a fact that's led to the firing of several kenyan immigration officials and a broadening investigation, back to you. >> and secretary of state, john kerry, is in saudi arabia now. this is the second stop of the middle east tour. now kerry is trying to mend fences with some allies. high on the agenda are concerns about the u.s. reaching out to iran, and what to do about the civil war raging in syria. there have also been differences between u.s. and saudi arabia over egypt. the u.s. froze hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to egypt. while saudi arabia supports egypt's new military's backed government. and still to come, cleveland kidnapping survivor, michele knight is now breaking her silence. she and two other young women were held for nearly ten years, locked in a cleveland home, that home of ariel castro. still to come, a look at what she told dr. phil about the ordeal. ♪ ♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement
the immigration thing will chase more away further. but with white folks, they've been doing extremely well. when he have a white candidate, like, say, hillary, it will be different than barack. >> let me say, first of all, it's great that christie is campaigning for black votes. it would be great for our system, if we republicans campaign and we were so divided by race and culture as opposed no ideology. i'm glad he's doing that. that said, important factor to remember here, tour'e, barbara bono is not hillary clinton -- >> let me write that down. >> i don't know we should say because christie is doing well, not very strong democrat, that he'll do that well in 2016 against hillary clinton who is much stronger and has much higher approval ratings. we shouldn't read too much from christie's look into tomorrow into three years down the road when he's facing much stronger competition. >> it's hard to project but there's a lot of discussion also about the black electorate being loyal to president obama, snl had fun with that this weekend. >> it's been a difficult month for the president. the most rec
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't think that -- unless he does a romney, become anti- anti-immigration and anti-gun and a whole range of other issues to take into the primary. if you look at our polling we did for democracy corps, one quarter of the republicans are base voters. are moderates. on the democratic side, two-thirds are self identified conservatives and moderates. and when we started our process of change, half of our voters were moderates. so it's a very diverse party. the republican party is not. and i think that will be in evidence i think in the virginia -- the virginia is the primary story because cuccinelli came out of a process where base voters had their say. this was not a base process in new jersey where base -- republican base voters speak out. >> look, i understand completely what you're saying about chris christie. but he looks at it like he's building a coalition of some democrats, even hispanics. and he seems to think, at least in a conversation yesterday with our kelly o'donnell, that a huge victory margin will give some republicans, maybe even some conservative republicans, reason to take
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